What You Learn

Welle’s techniques are the safest applications of recovery-based, trauma-informed care. Our system focuses on behavioral safety management, not just intervention.

Tiered Techniques

As assessment experts, we train your staff to identify behaviors off baseline, enabling them to manage behavior proactively.

  • Everyone in your organization needs to be trained in a fundamental set of assessment and verbal de-escalation techniques, establishing the Welle Common Language for the organization.
  • Beyond that, more select groups of staff need more advanced training in non-abusive physical protection and restraint. These skill sets are not one-size-fits-all.
  • By structuring the skills we teach into tiers, we enable you to efficiently train each staff member with the skills they will need.
What You Learn



The Fundamental tier of skills focuses on the ability to detect and verbally
de-escalate situations from the initial signs of agitation.



The Standard and Advanced tiers include physical skills ranging from self-protection to restraints, for all body types, involving no pain compliance.



Our techniques have been proven effective in real-world situations, securing the safety of staff and patients, while preserving the relationships necessary to deliver compassionate care.

The Lalemand Scale

This provides the common framework and language with which everyone in your organization can constantly assess and reassess the behavioral safety of patients and other customers.

behavior scale

About the Green Zone

For an individual to achieve behavioral health and stability, they must feel balanced and satisfied in three key dimensions. By fostering these success factors (in patients and staff), we can reinforce healthy behaviors and responses.

About the Red Scale

An individual's behavior can escalate through five levels of risk, starting at agitation and ending at threat of lethal. Knowing how to assess these levels - and understand the underlying feelings that a patient is trying to express - empowers each member of the team to make decisions with confidence to de-escalate a situation.

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The healthcare industry experiences 4x the amount of workplace violence as other industries. Our system has been developed to meet that standard, but it can be applied to other types of organizations and situations as well.

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