Beyond Healthcare

The Welle system of behavioral safety management is built on the principles of constant assessment, de-escalation, and compassionate care. Our flexible Master Trainers teach a comprehensive skill set that enables practitioners to spot agitation and diffuse it as much as possible before it becomes an incident, preventing the need for intervention. When physical intervention does become necessary, our physical techniques are easy to apply and require no pain compliance.

These factors make the Welle system broadly applicable. Every training effort is customized. It has been proven in the healthcare industry, which experiences 4x the amount of workplace violence as other industries, but it can be applied to your industry as well.

Onsite Training

We can bring tailored onsite training sessions to your organization, at your facilities. We work with you to design a training program that addresses the unique needs of your team(s) and ensures adoption.

Inclusive Public Training Events

Trainees from all industries are welcome at our public training events. These events allow each participant to bring their experience and apply our system to their situational needs.

Customized Online Learning Paths

We offer and continue to develop Learning Paths - combinations of our online course modules - to address the needs of other industries, even parents and individuals.

Other Industries Using Our System

Public and Private Schools
Residential Schools
Municipal Government
Government Agencies
Law Enforcement
Community-Based Programs
Foster Care
Group Homes
Insurance Companies
Other Corporate Settings