Fundamentals I and II (2 Day)

Sep 12 - 13, 2022

Training Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cost: $700.00

Hyatt Place Fort Lauderdale/Plantation Hotel – 8530 West Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL 33324 

Day One:

The first day of training will cover WELLE’s Humane and Effective Response Options®, including WELLE’s Foundation Principals, Intro to De-escalation, Intro to Self-Protection and Intro to Forming Partnerships.

What You Will Learn:

  • Stay safe and be more effective in ALL situations using WELLE SMART Principles®.
  • The Language of Violence: The Lalemand Behavior Scale®.
  • Using the Lalemand Behavior Scale® to create clean and objective documentation.
  • How to make a clear request – and be heard the first time.
  • Three skills to keep conversations on track – and avoid being sucked into the argument.
  • Offering realistic choices during high-stress interactions.
  • Now That’s Motivation – help those you serve create a livable life with WELLE’s ‘Green’ Behavior Scale.
  • Basic physical skills training in WELLE‘s Safe and Humane Physical Intervention Skills.

Day Two:

Taking WELLE’s fundamental principles and techniques into Day Two, your instructor will expand upon WELLE’s Humane and Effective Response Options® with training in de-escalation tools, partnership building and self-protection, and teach the Intro to Restraint Techniques module.

What You Will Learn:

  • WELLE‘s superior de-escalation techniques, including defusing skills to safely handle arguers.
  • How to generate cooperation by knowing when and how to make a request.
  • Restraint prevention and elimination.
  • Reducing the severity of restraint.
  • Staying safe during physical intervention.
  • Understanding levels of resistance.
  • WELLE‘s Restraint Timeline.
  • Improving the accuracy and value of post-incident reviews.
  • Basic to intermediate physical skills training.

This basic-to-intermediate level course is available as a two-day workshop whenever Public Seminars are scheduled. No WELLE certification or prerequisites required.  Upon successful completion, participants receive a WELLE Certification.

For more information or to register by phone, please call 1.800.358.6277 Ext. 15.